Chris and his pops Bruce teamed up a few years back to build a super-clean '79 C-10 Chevy Stepside, which spawned the beginning of the father-and-son hot-rod shop, now known as Esh's Automotive Specialties. Both Chris and Bruce use their spare time to turn people's metal dreams into reality. So, when it came time to do a full buildup all their own, Chris' '85 S-10 Blazer was the shell of choice.

Over the course of the next six years, the duo proceeded to tear the Blazer apart, piece by piece, then build one of the baddest squarebody Blazers to date. No stone was left unturned, and what started as just a 'bag and body-drop turned into a completely new back-half with all welds ground smooth, everything painted, powdercoated, or chromed underneath. And this was just the beginning.

Besides the obvious killer motor sticking through the hood, which rumbles the road with every push of the gas, the interior is really what sets this Blazer apart from the rest. The entire back is sheetmetaled and painted to perfection. Countless hours went into interior crafting a true work of art, as the interior is all metal, without even a hint fiberglass. Chris and his dad used a '65 Chevy Suburban dash, which they sectioned 8 inches, and shaved glovebox to smooth it out.

Then from there, they flowed a steel center console all the way back to meet up with the amazing metal work in the rear of the shell. From the tubs, to the floor, to the side walls, it's all metal! You really have to see it in person to appreciate the craftsmanship it took to smooth out the entire back half of the Blazer.

With such a talented father-and-son blend, there wasn't much that couldn't be done between the two of them. However, a couple friends helped out, including Lynn Walker, who installed the engine internals; as well as fellow club member Patrick Reid, who air brushed the graphics inside and out. Teamwork plays an important role even in the home garage buildups. The Eshelman's would like to thank all of those who helped out in any way. We promise, if you ever get a chance to see this thing in person, you will not be disappointed!