Chris Gay, owner of Next Level Customs in beautiful Massachusetts, owns this gorgeous '95 Chevy S-10 you see here. He's owned this truck longer than some of you have been driving. The Dime has been on and off the frame several times and it just gets better. Like most minitruckers, Chris is full of stories to go along with his truck. I mean, when you drive something daily that looks like this, things are bound to happen-funny things, crazy things, and things that will just plain piss you off.

One of the best stories for Chris was the first time his girlfriend's parents had a chance to see his ride in person. Chris pulled up to his girl's house to pick her up and was greeted by a welcoming committee. His girlfriend, her mom, and her dad were all outside waiting for him. The only cooler thing would have been if the grandma and dog were outside, as well. This normally wouldn't be a bad thing, but you see Chris didn't have door panels, a center console, and most importantly he didn't have a dash. So, as his girl steps into the spaghetti factory that should be an interior, the parents were, of course, freaking out. "Is this safe?" asked her mother. "Is this even legal?" asked her dad. But it didn't stop there. Only a few hours later, Chris was stopped by the police, which after an hour of debate on how many laws he had broken, made his girlfriend very late for her curfew.

Five years later, Chris is still cruising the S-10, probably still confusing his girlfriend's parents and getting those crazy looks by the cops. But isn't minitruckin' all about standing out from the crowd and having fun doing it? Job well done, Chris.