With all of the miles we travel throughout the years covering shows and shooting the hottest minitrucks on the planet, many friendships have been forged. Such was the case with Keith Bell, his wife Amy, and Keith's dad, who together run one of the East Coast's top custom bike and automotive websites, www.p-omgarage.com. Keith also owns one of the cleanest minis you will ever lay eyes on. It started out as a small project for Keith and his dad to spend some quality time together. You know how it goes, that small project snowballed out of control and ended up going through several changes to its current state.

When it came time to shoot my first feature for Mini Truckin', I didn't even have to think twice about which truck I wanted to shoot. After making a 10-hour trip to sunny Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, sleeping for two hours in the mall parking lot, and enduring a brisk 20- degree day, we were able to capture the pictures you see here. But, the results were well worth the trouble because this truck is absolutely amazing. And even though the build took some time, Keith is happy to have spent those long nights in the garage side by side with his dad. When asked what he would do differently, Keith simply stated: "Nothing... There are always ups and downs in a project. As long as the finished project is what you wanted, that's all that matters."

This mini is an ever-evolving project, and every time we see the truck there's been a subtle change. Meanwhile, Keith and his dad are back at redoing some things on the truck, so be sure to look out for it at a show near you soon.