When it comes time for us to line up a photo shoot to bring our readers some of the best trucks to ever drag the planet, things don't always work out as planned. Normally it's the weather that keeps us from being able to get the shoot done, but sometimes it's other delays. We first heard about Eric Tate's '89 S-10 Blazer in its early stages of the build and knew that if it turned out half as good as other vehicles in the same shop, it would be worthy of some camera time. Of course, just like 90 percent of the builds out there, once construction starts, there always seem to be little snags that keep it in the shop longer than first planned. (We know firsthand.) This Blazer is no exception.

Every time we talked to anyone who was associated with Eric's truck, the first thing out of our mouths was, "When will the truck be ready?" Finally, it was our time to see this now-mythical truck in person at Layd' Out at the Park in eastern Tennessee, but the buildup gremlins struck again. The truck was done, but the glass never arrived. We didn't give up, though. We just played the waiting game a little more. About a month later, we got about three phone calls that informed us that Eric was on his way to the show we were covering and this time it was finally done. About the time we almost gave up and started lining up other features to shoot, we caught a glimpse of something candy apple red and silver rolling through the show, so we made a mad dash across the show to verify what we were seeing. Being that it was already that time of day for shooting features, we had Eric unload it off the trailer straight into the line of sight for the camera, so before anyone at the show even got a chance to see it, we took it away. But don't worry. After we got done with it we let him take it back to the show on Sunday for everyone to drool over. Check out the Lowdown to see exactly what all went into the amazing buildup of this rear-independent, suicided, body-dropped Blazer.