Mini-truckers seem to go through vehicles like Chuck Norris goes through opponents. Very few mini owners are consistent and patient on one goal. Jason Woods of Glendora, California, is one mini-trucker who doesn't share this trait. Buying his S-10 brand new in '98, getting in debt was the first thing on his mind. Before the paper plates were yanked, Jason had a frame-laying, 17-inch-billet-wheel-sitting (big baller at the time), woofer-booming, sick mini.

The amount of incarnations that Jason's truck has been through puts the ladies of Dr. 90210 to shame. The amount of themes, ideas, premises, and stances are just far too many to categorize. In one manifestation, the back of the dime was fitted with 21-inch wheels that not even the manufacturer of the wheels could get tires for at the time. How did he get them, you ask? Air shipping from Japan, of course. Hey, when SEMA is your calling you make the next-to-impossible happen. Also, in crunch time for SEMA, Jason and his girl Alyson switched time waiting in line for the brand new PlayStation 2. Trust us, it was the only one at SEMA with the hot new video game system.

Not liking the "full pull" look of staggered rim sizes, Jason would eventually step up to 22's all the way around. Wanting to feel comfortable when he does drive it, his A/C was chopped and reconfigured to hug the Hankook tires. The paint would also have to be updated to the current standards of cool, so away the House of Kolor Kandy would fly.

So, what's the bad luck, you ask? Where do we start? To begin with, when his truck was bagged to fit his first set of 20's, the shop doing it put a dent in the side of the bed. When the dent was repaired there was a paint code mix-up and the Indigo Blue contrasted the freshly laid purple touch-up paint. When the truck was sanded back down a few years later to be sprayed one color, the tonneau cover was stolen. At the Forbidden Fantasy show one year his truck was backed into by an unknown bucket right in the view of the hotel's security cameras. Problem was that in order for the cameras to work there needs to be something on the other end to record. Yeah, way to be on the ball.

As for current events, two days before the photo shoot Jason's daily-driven Ford Ranger was broken into. How does this affect the S-10? Jason's one-off wheel adapters were stolen, as was his PSP, all of his DVDs, and countless other nameless items. With only a day to spare Aaron Iha was commissioned to make the impossible happen on a new set of custom adapters. But, hey, he's Aaron Iha and "last-minute solutions" is his middle name.

The S-Done was a collective effort of many people throughout the years. We know you've heard it a million times but we'll let Jason tell you this time. "Do it right the first time. You'll save about 40-50 grand, a lot of heartache, and countless hours of alone time." OK, so we elaborated a hair. There's more to come from this hardcore mini-trucker. Having two makeshift garages next to his actual garage, Jason has a couple of body-laying mini's just dying for that last five minutes of attention before they get sent out for finish work. Remember, persistence pays off.