Cover/feature builds have to start somewhere. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of this month’s star players. We’ll let the owners tell the story.

Sam Robinson’s 1996 Toyota 4Runner
1. “Here’s a photo of the rear ’bag setup.”
2.“Wow, what a mess. It’s hard to miss these days.”
3. “The days in the paint booth starting on the graphics.”

Rob Vanluik’s ’63 International Travellete
1. “This is where it all started. It wasn’t much to look at when I first picked it up in 2009 for $300.”
2-3. “This is the beginning of the 4-door transformation, and first test fit of the 4-door cab on the chassis.”

Ron and Kelly Perkins’ ’94 Chevy S-10/Blazer
1. “This is how the Blazer looked back when I bought it for a measly $500.”
2. “The first thing I did custom wise was cutting the roof, and this photo was taken just after it was done, still sitting at stock height.”
3. “I discovered I had to lower the motor a bunch to squeeze it under a stock hood.”
4. “After it was “DBLAZD”, a new frame was built to lay body on the 22/24 combo with Grant Kustoms combo/fillers and body panels from six different donor trucks.”
5. “Here’s Chris ‘Billy Bob’ Mull and Jason Lekvold during their 48-hour pre-SEMA painting spree.”