In no way shape or form are the following pages meant to fully capture the history or landmarks that have shaped the current status of modern day minitruckin'. Telling the stories of the many influential individuals their accomplishments and contributions could fill a dictionary-sized book. What you will see here is merely a glimpse into a few of the very early issues dating back to the late '80s and '90s, and beyond. The times were wild, the teased hair and high-waist bikini bottoms of cover models were wilder, and the trucks themselves were symbols of an emerging, youthful automotive culture.

The last quarter century has been a successful run not only for us as an enthusiast publication but also for every one of you who is a part of this whole thing. You know who you are—the ones who drive cross-country to spend a weekend at a show, the Internet lurkers, the ones who spend all their free time in the garage and spare money on parts, the dreamers, and the doers. Thanks for giving us magazine guys something to write about.