We have become so wrapped up these days in seeing the completed projects here in the magazine, but we are digging deeper into the builds that live on our pages.

Kyle "Pickle" Garza's
‘04 Chevy Colorado—Page 14
"All hands on deck at Dotlow Rides getting the final touches done before a show. Many late nights and tons of beer was consumed during these days. We built the ¾ frame without any fancy frame tables, of course those are essential, but we did the best we could with what we had." —Kyle "Pickle" Garcia

Kimery Uhl's
'91 Hardbody—Page 22
"This first photo is of the first test-fit of the Frontier front end, and the second one here is a what the frame looked like before we decided to scrap everything from the ground up. The '64 Cadillac trunk lid and all the metal work worked great for the interior, and the first dimple dyes in the bed were the first that eventually led to many more." —Kimery Uhl

Rusty Lowe's
'92 Toyota Pickup—Page 36
"I'm not good with words, but here are a couple photos from the build. Here, I was putting Cando arms on the truck while it was hanging out in the trailer, getting some body and engine work done, and looking into a completely empty interior." —Rusty Lowe

Ricky Baker's
'93 Chevy S-10—Page 50
"These are a couple of my favorite photos from along the way. We prepped the bed with hopes for future Rhino lining in the recently built tub, and putting on the final touches on the new paint before hours of wet sanding and buffing." —Ricky Baker