John O'Neil
MT Contributing Writer/Photographer

Oliver Porter's '02 Toyota Tacoma "Evolution"
Every minitrucker loves and hates an epic year like this, especially if you're voting. We love the fact that so many amazing rides were completed at such a high standard and yet hate the fact that we have to choose only one for truck of the rear. With that being said, this year my vote goes to Oliver Porter and his Toyota Tacoma. To me, this represents the next level for the minitruck community—it's a street rod within a minitruck skin. Every single part of Oliver's Tacoma has been tastefully cut up in such a way that it's subtly outrageous.

Randy Johnson

Ernie Macias' '94 Mitsubishi Mighty Max "WAS STK"
Man, was it hard to choose from all these badass cover trucks! I narrowed it down to a few and went over and over looking at all the details. In the end, I chose Ernie's "WAS STK" Mighty Max. When I build my next mini, I hope it looks half as good as this one. Subtle paint scheme, ‘bodied on big billets, and a simple interior. Pure class! I followed the build on Instagram, the debut at SEMA, and then the rear-ended bed incident. I couldn't believe it. Regardless, amazing truck, and a nice guy!

Sean "Frenchy" French
SoLo Films owner and videographer

Oliver Porter's '02 Toyota Tacoma "Evolution"
My vote for truck of the year has to go out to Oliver Porter's Tacoma. I have been following his build for many years, and the manhours and detailed modifications truly inspire me. From the paint scheme to the interior design, it's just amazing. I look forward to seeing a video shoot of this truck!

Phil Fowler
MT Contributing Writer/Photographer

Oliver Porter's Toyota '02 Tacoma "Evolution"
Oliver Porter's Tacoma! I picked Oliver's truck this year because hands down, it's just plain badass. To see this truck transform from what it was to what it is now is just amazing! The paint on this truck just grabs your eye from a distance and when you walk up on it, this truck doesn't disappoint! This is the complete package, from interior, to paint, bodywork, and all the subtle details! Hats off to all who had their hands in this build. It truly is a work of art!

Josh Fleetwood
MT Contributing Writer/Photographer

Bobby Moore's '95 Toyota Tacoma "XChanged"
I am going to have to go with Bobby Moore's Tacoma. It has clean lines with all the good colors and just the right amount of graphics not to be distracting. Also the little things such had the bamboo wood bed and the big billet rollers give it that style of truck I always find myself checking out at a show.

Jason "Pugz" Walker
MT Contributing Photographer

Jonathan Juarez's '00 Chevy S-10 "Pure Hatred"
As biased as this may sound since I shot it, I have to give the best cover truck this year to Jonathan Juarez and the rebuild of his Pure Hatred S-10. It's the most heavily modified cover of the year, and it's a true driver. John uses his truck pretty much daily, and uses it like a truck. It's right-hand drive, been made into a Unibody, has a 6.0L swapped in, and it's a daily driver. That, in my opinion, is hard to top this year.

Oliver Porter's Toyota '02 Tacoma "Evolution"