Show Of The Year

John Mata Jr.
Camp 'N Drag

Another tough decision to make is selecting just one show to crown as being the best of the year. I usually judge a show by the amount of feature/cover worthy trucks I can shoot while I'm there, and I also take into account activities that make an event more than just a show 'n shine. In other words, I was out to have fun this summer. Showfest is always a benchmark of quality and quantity, which definitely keeps me busy throughout the weekend, and the return to Sam's Town casino, which is just steps away from the show ground, was a major plus. But my vote for the year goes to the great party in the cornfields—Camp 'N Drag. This year, CND combined the perfect mixture of shootable trucks as well as a good time that is unique to this show. Anyone who's ever been knows what I'm talking about. The nighttime cruising is always a blast, and the soapbox races that were added this year gave participants and spectators something new and exciting to be a part of. The Balistik crew always makes CND a blast but it was even more so in 2012.

Chris Pasley

Call it a comeback, no, call it a rebirth. This show is back, and while it may not be the Greenville it used to be, it has plenty of hotels and casino amenities for all you who itch to roll the dice, but after you've cooled off in the A/C, head outside for what I'm calling the best show of the year.

Ernie Macias
Camp 'N Drag

As far as my vote for show of the year, I was a little conflicted this year. I attended so many amazing shows, and that it makes it very hard to choose. One show that really stood out to me was LST in Texas. It was a first year show but they really pulled in some heavy hitters. I will like to see what they can do next year before they get my vote. Having said that, my choice this year goes to Camp 'N Drag. Not only does it give you that old West Coast truck run vibe, but it was easily the best time I had all year.

Randy Johnson
Scrapin' The Coast

I'm giving this to Scrapin' the Coast. I actually almost didn't even go, but staying at a hotel on the beach sold me. We made the 14-hour drive from Ohio and it was totally worth it. The quality was top notch, the weather was great, the scenery was amazing, the venue was perfect, and the show was run smoothly. This was my first year and it definitely won't be my last. Looking for a show that has it all? Then make vacation plans for Biloxi, Mississippi, every June!

Sean "Frenchy" French
Kicker Bash

My vote for show of the year goes out to the Kicker guys for Kicker Bash. They worked hard to bring back the show scene in my neck of the woods down in Stillwater, OK. They have a huge museum showcasing many of their talents and products they offer. Also, the turnout gets bigger and bigger every year! Plus, we released our fourth film "The Catalyst" at the show, and it was a huge success!

Phil Fowler

My pick for the show of the year has to go to Showfest. Location, quality, quantity, convenience, and fun—I would say that this show has it all. What an awesome time and yet you didn't have to leave. The show is at the casino, so if you're a gambling man it's all there. It was nice to be able to just park your ride and stay at the same place. This show draws in people from coast to coast and isn't filled with junk. Some of the sickest rides I have ever seen made the trek out for this show and it isn't just the trucks it's the people it brings as well. I am glad to see this show making a comeback and look forward to attending for years to come!

Josh Fleetwood

Well, it may be three years late for me voting for it but Showfest has showed that it's back and is staying around for a while. Even when floods threatened to shut it down last year, Assorted Miniatures pulled together and knocked it out. Seeing this year's show just reinforced my vote seeing how the show keeps growing and brings in a lot of the great people who have been in the scene for years.

Jason "Pugz" Walker
Lone Star Throwdown

Being a first-year show, LST was amazing. With over 600 entries and over 5,000 spectators at a virgin event is basically unheard of. Radar and Lonnie did something special with this show, despite it being a much larger crowd than anticipated, there was never a long line to get in, and everything about the show went off without a hitch. The guys behind this show took a first-year show to a new level. People came from across the globe and made this one hell of a show. I personally cannot wait until the 2013 LST show. Mark your calendars for this one everyone, it's not gonna be one to disappoint, and it's definitely not one to miss.

Showfest 2012