Club Of The Year

John Mata Jr.
Assorted Miniatures

With Showfest becoming a steamrolling monster yet again after returning to the scene a few years ago, the need to keep the show organized became crucial. The small staff that is made up of members of the Assorted Miniatures club along with their friends and family gets the job done, even when a natural disaster threatens to bring the pain. Keith Broadaway and his crew earned the respect and gratitude of many for bringing this show back, and they prove that the much-deserved praise is given to them for a reason.

Chris Pasley
Assorted Miniatures

Any group of people responsible for resurrecting a show like Showfest and maintaining its reputation for quality and quantity deserves a nod for club of the year in my book. It hasn't been an easy road for Assorted, but they survived last year's weather bomb, and made it back to Sam's Town in one piece in 2012.

Ernie Macias
Assorted Miniatures

I love this club because they're small, but the tight groups of friends have hung in there for the long haul and they throw an amazing show under amazing circumstances sometimes. The club is Assorted Miniatures. They are very deserving of all the praise they get because year after year, they put on a great show.

Randy Johnson

My club of the year vote goes to Aftermath. This club continues to grow, and not just in size, but in quality. I've seen countless features over the year, the members treat everyone like family, and they are hilarious to party with at shows. They've been around for over 10 years and know a thing or two about building some insane trucks. The bar keeps being raised, and like they always say … it don't stop!

Sean "Frenchy" French
Negative Camber

My vote for club of the year is a very difficult choice. We travel to many shows all over the country, and I was looking for the club that made a good presence at every show we attended and was respectful to everyone, no matter what club they were involved with. So, my vote had to go out to Negative Camber. Those guys have shown love to just about everyone in the scene and also made a huge presence at a majority of the shows we (SoLo Films) attended.

Jason "Pugz" Walker
Negative Camber

This year, my vote goes out to the guys in Negative Camber. NC has had a busy and productive year. From all the members who came out to LST, to the Tito Foundation, and to the World Wide Tito Day, NC has been showing people what the scene is supposed to be like—helping others in need, and having fun in the scene across the world. Keep up the good work guys.

Assorted Miniatures