I always wanted something cool to drive, and hanging out with my friends building cool sh*t has really been the best part of all ...

Although Steven Lindsey’s Blazer is in pristine condition, that hasn’t stopped him from putting it through two solid years of everyday duty. Clear skies, rain, snow—whatever the forecast calls for, you’ll find Steven hitting corners, blowing through traffic signals, and hurting feelings as he flaunts his Blazer in front of the drooling masses.

And just like his cover counterpart this month, Steven admits to having simple motives behind his truck: “I always wanted something cool to drive, and hanging out with my friends building cool sh*t has really been the best part of all this.”

Being involved in the lifestyle for 15 years, Steve admired guys crafting minitrucks in the Memphis area, and a big part of what has made the experience even better is being accepted as a peer by the same group of builders. Steven first took on the Blazer after it had been bodydropped and shaved at PMA Motorsports and painted by Chico Shaw. Between that time it floated around and changed hands quite a bit, but once Steve got his hands on the steering wheel, it’s been nothing short of a second coming for the truck. “I bought the truck and made it into a reliable driver by rewiring half of it and fixing all the little crap nobody else wanted to do. It had no interior, so I had that huge job ahead of me, but luckily with the help of a few friends we made things happen and the truck has been on the road ever since.”

Steven diligently finished the job that was started years before. Not too long ago, there was a whole different interior and a set of wheels attached to his Blazer, but bigger, better goals developed over time. The first set of seats and door panels tied both exterior colors together inside the cab, but the current state features plush brown vinyl and dyed door panels and dash pieces to complete the restyled environment. On the exterior is a fresh set of 20-inch Center Line Smoothies, color-matched and looking right at home tucked underneath the fenders. This phase of the build just goes to show that considering a project a done deal can oftentimes be very much premature.

Maybe the safest term for Steven to use at the moment is “done for now.” Even though his Blazer is looking better than ever while clocking miles on the odometer daily, there are always those nagging tweaks that beg for attention. Whatever the future holds for Steven and his “brown eye,” as he has affectionately named his Blazer, we’re sure it’s bright. Even if it remains in its current condition from here on out, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Not even in the slightest. It’s been built, rebuilt, and pushed further beyond imagination. This Chevy will go down in the book as one of the cleanest driven minis mobbing the streets today.