The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Tires: 195/60/15

Chassis Modifications
Frame mods:
Full tube chassis
Suspension Front: Custom A-arm front with spindle mounted wheels and center mounted bags
Suspension Rear: Custom A-arms with VW rear hub
Shocks: Bilstein with reservoir
Compressor: Viair380
Air Accessories: 3/8-inch valves
Brakes: Custom rear disc
Performed by: Toy Prep

Body Modifications
Doors, lights, turn signals, bumpers, and emblems
Body-dropped: Floor body-drop by Toy Prep
Suicide doors: Come suicide from the factory
Performed by: Star Side Designs
Brand and colors:
PPG Parrot Green
Performed by: Star Side Designs

Single seat in the front and two in the back wrapped in black and green vinyl
Misc.: All interior mods and panels were built one-off
Performed by: Audio Evolution

Head unit:
CD, DVD player
Mids and Highs: Three pair of 6.5 EFX components
Subwoofers: 15-inch dual voice coil
Amplifiers: 1,000-watt mono for sub and 1,000-watt 4-channel for the separates
Performed by: Audio Evolution

1915 VW motor
Header/exhaust: Flowmaster Streetflo and custom piping
Transmission: Type one
Rearend Type: Custom axles
Performed by: Tom's Foreign Auto House

Special Thanks From Owner
"I would like to thank my wife and daughter for their support. Also Ruben from Audio Evolution who I purchased the bus from and also all of his help with the audio and interior it could not have come together so nice without him and Carlos as well. Also, Viair and EFX Scosche for the sponsorships. Shawn from Fallbrook tire for helping with the wheels and tires. Doug from Star Side designs (the original Starbucks) for an awesome and fast job. Frank's Upholstery for wrapping the interior. Tom at Tom's Foreign Auto House the VW expert. Auto Glass Pros for the glass work, and a special thanks to all my brothers from NC World's Lowest."