Negative Camber is easily one of the most recognized names in our scene. When it comes to being "minitruck famous" this club has really helped set the standards. Not only is it one of the oldest clubs around, it has really set its mark in the history books of minitrucks. Founded sometime around Resolutions of 1992, five friends from different clubs decided to start their own group. Picking up a few pointers from some other clubs, Negative Camber was born as the first un-club.

So, what is an un-club? It's basically a group of friends-with the same passion for nice trucks, in a laid-back and unorganized atmosphere, who all wear the same shirts, and sport the same logo. The first five members of NC didn't believe in the rules of the other clubs at that time. Courtney said, it seemed like the rules were set so one guy could act bigger or more important than the next guy. But, to these first five, minitruckin' was more than rules. It was about hanging out with your real friends, enjoying a cold brew, all while watching people enjoy your ride. And for the past 15 years, NC has stuck to its same beliefs and lives by them.

Besides having a plethora of feature and cover trucks in its ranks, many members are also involved with the automotive scene. In its ranks, NC has had shop owners, magazine editors, fabricators, painters, and so on. In 2007, it had three cover trucks and won Club of the Year for the second time, becoming the first club to ever do this. Courtney said that even though the club became smaller in 2007, it helped the members become even closer.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Courtney on all things Negative Camber, as well as a few other guys. Here's what they had to say.