As Australia continues to grow its minitruck community, the demand for custom work and parts is on the rise. What started off as a small underground community-that was everyone for themselves and all that could be done was any mod you could accomplish on your own in your shed-has grown into an industry. There are many shops up and down the East Coast of Australia, doing everything from suspension and paint to interior and stereo work. This has substantially increased the quality of rides built, and in the last few years, a few shops have made names for themselves. We got a chance to check out Adjustable Suspension Components (ASC), the Chop Shop, and Living Low Customs (LLC), which are all hard at work building some of the baddest rides down under. For more information, contact the companies listed.

Building some of the coolest rides on the road, LLC has produced many show-winning vehicles. It's constantly setting new levels and expanding ideas every single day. LLC has many rides under its belts, including Australia's first Mu and Toyota Surf to be laid out. The crew were also a part of an 11 second 'bagged Holden Rodeo. Watch out for the Mu updates, and also what is possibly the world's first laid-out V-8 100 Series Land Cruiser. If you drive it, they can drop it!

Name: Living Low Customs (LLC)
Owner: Jason or "Jas"
Number of Employees: Three employees and many helpers
First Featured Vehicle: '94 Toyota double cab
Event: Half Way Havoc
Website: ,,