Hard Luck of the Month
Surprisingly enough, it seems that this is one of the most popular "Lyfestyle" sections. It seems us mini-truckers have some of the worst luck out there, and now we get to see the end results of that bad luck. Our buddy Darwin Williams from Thibodaux, LA, spent hard-earned cash to have Silver Star Customs build the Tacoma of his dreams. Well, when Darwin got the call that the SSC crew was finished with the truck he jumped in his car and dropped all the way there after a long day's work. This is where the story goes south. After he picked up his freshly layed out Tacoma he jumped back on the road for a long drive home. With almost no sleep in the last 24 hours, Darwin dozed off and blanked out for a second only to find himself swerving in the grass median. A quick turn of the wheel and the truck caught traction on the road and instantly flipped six times and flew 75 feet from the interstate! Luckily, Darwin and his brother were wearing their seatbelts or they might not be here to tell this story. Special thanks go out to the guys at SSC for being there and helping out. Darwin assures us he's OK and back on his feet and has already started his next project. So the FBI gift certificate will come in handy.

Mini Truckin' Jr. of the Month
Jason Sword is the proud dad of these two fine examples, or little mini-truckers, doing what they do best: playing with trucks. Jacob, the oldest brother, is 9 years old and helps his dad out whenever he can. Jayden, the youngest at only 3 years old, is already reading Mini Truckin'! Jason assures us that he tries not to take advantage of his boys' eagerness to help, but sometimes he just can't help himself and will make them wet-sand his truck, clean the garage, and whatever else his little mini-trucker army is capable of.

Only a Mini-Trucker...
Would convince his wife (or have a cool enough wife to even allow) to have a mini-truck wedding cake sitting on 20-inch wheels as the table. She's definitely a keeper. Michael and Lori Denney certainly have a happy start to the rest of their lives and support each other in Michael's obsession...uh, we mean passion. This is definitely a die-hard couple. We look forward to seeing you and your truck out there on the show fields. Best wishes!

Product of the Month
This month we came across the perfect addition to any gearhead's kitchen table. Wrenchware has developed a kitchenware set that sports fully forged tool ends at the end of the fork, knife, and spoon. Each set is made from 18/10 stainless steel and comes with its own heavy-duty case. They are 100% machine washable, microwaveable, and designed for everyday use. Add some gearhead style to the kitchen that all your buddies can appreciate. To order up a few sets for your pad, check out www.wrenchwareinc.com.

MT Stickers
Aight, listen up very carefully! To get your hands on the new Mini Truckin' stickers, you need to follow these directions explicitly. We've run out every single month, so to keep a limited supply they are now $2 apiece. Next, you must include a pre-paid self-addressed envelope - at least a 4x10. The stickers won't fit in the small envelopes and they will have to be bent. (And who wants a bent sticker?)Mail submissions to:

Mini Truckin' Stickers
2400 E. Katella Ave., 7th Floor
Anaheim, CA 92806

So, let's review: bigger envelops, self-addressed WITH POSTAGE, and send $2 cash. We'll get you out some stickers ASAP to use and abuse. Have fun, fellas!