Drop 'Em DecadeFor 10 years now, Drop 'Em Wear? Clothing has been serving the discerning mini-trucker with apparel suited to our lifestyle. To commemorate its tenth year in business, Drop 'Em Wear? has just released its 10th Anniversary T-shirt designed for all true Wear-aholics. Supplies are limited and going fast. For more information, check out Drop 'Em Wear? at www.dropemwear.com, or give the company a ring at (336) 774-9612. For a full-color catalog and sticker, send $3 to Drop 'Em Wear?, 2455-A Spaugh Industrial Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27103.

The Gas CrunchWhile most of the nation has been feeling the strain as gasoline prices continue to skyrocket, those of us who own and drive compact trucks are feeling the burden, too, although not to the same degree as fullsize truck and SUV owners. In this state of unrest with OPEC and the fluctuation of gas prices, aren't you glad you drive a compact pickup that looks good and doesn't take 20-plus gallons at each fill-up? In April 2004, the national average price per gallon was $1.80. In California, we saw that price climb to well above $2.20 per gallon for Regular, and it's still rising. Need Super Unleaded? That ought to hit $3 per gallon some time this summer in Cali'. Happy happy, joy joy.

New Tacoma ComingSpy photos recently seen of the next-generation Toyota Tacoma show drastic changes for the mini-truck that's about to become midsize. With new dimensions putting the truck 5 inches longer and some 4 inches wider than the current version, the Tacoma is likely to take some getting used to. No information was available as to a more powerful engine or the suspension expected to be installed from the manufacturer. We guess that the suspension will closely mimic that of the Toyota Tundra/Sequoia, but will be of slightly smaller scale. Photography courtesy Brenda Priddy Co.

Fast 411*Chrysler and Ford began shipping scrap steel directly to the steel mills that supply them in return for uninterrupted deliveries of finished steel.*The midsize Chevy Colorado, the replacement for the Chevrolet S-10 compact pickup, is now available at dealer showrooms.

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