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1968 Mini Trucks

Mini Truckin's Features section showcases the hottest 1968 mini trucks from around the country and around the world. Check out 1968 custom trucks from Chevy, Ford, Isuzu, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and more right here.
2001 Toyota Tacoma - Window Shopping
There is something about a standard cab mini-truck that just relates to the inner trucker in all of... more
1999 Nissan Frontier - Rolling Attire
Daydreaming while at work is something we all do on a daily basis. Some dream of the weekend, some... more
1988 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup - Evenhanded - Mini Truckin
Justin’s truck went under the knife by installing a set of modified stock upper and lower control... more
1997 Ford Ranger Splash - Mr. Trump
When building your very first full-custom mini-truck you might not always get it right the first... more
Truck Trends Day Japan 2014
We weren’t kidding when we said that mini-truckin’ isn’t dead; in fact, it now spans the globe in... more

Mini Truckin Web Blog

Honda N Box+ Commercial
 Yeah, the Honda N Box+ looks spacious and has a ton of utility potential. But the best thing about... more
Mini Truck Fleet Update
 All quiet on the blog-front, I see. ... more
Table of Contents: January 2013
 The first 2013 issue is on sale now!... more
Table of Contents: December 2012
The December 2012 issue is available online now!... more
2012 Cover Trucks
 It's time to submit my nomination for the 2012 Cover Truck of the Year. ... more

Mini Truckin Web Forum

1968 Datsun 520 sd22 diesel
So heres how it all started: I picked this 1968 Datsun 520 for free it wasn't running it had no... more
New members Start Here!
Hey everyone, Here is my 1968 Datsun 520 with a sd22 diesel. I am From Lethbridge Alberta Canada... more
Diesel Minis?
Heres my diesel 1968 Datsun 520 I swapped a nissan sd 22 diesel into it. Its getting between 35 40... more
1965 ford f100 laying rocker, tucking lug nuts 56k beware
heres an update i forgot i posted it on this site even anyways yeah the suspension is just bags... more
Thats my baby, it's a 1968 chevy corvair. Bagged on 18's If you want to see more pics you can look... more
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