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Subaru Mini Trucks

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Toyrover 1988 Toyota Pickup - Redemption
Andy Day's mini is one part Toyota and two parts Land and Range Rover.... more
2000 Chevy S-10 - Sick In Citrus
This S-10 was purchased for the sole purpose of being cut and customized.... more
Custom Mini Trucks - Ridin' Around - November 2009
Check out this month's Ridin' Around section!... more
1969 Subaru 360 Van - Micro Machine
A Real Life-Size Toy... more

Mini Truckin Web Forum

New members Start Here!
hi my name is GOD and i own a subaru... more
New members Start Here!
Hi, figured this was a good place to find the info I needed and get a little help. I have 2 trucks... more
Crawl through on standard cab S-10
I'm trying to do a crawl through on an s-10 I pretty much know what I need to do but I cant really... more
Crawl through on standard cab S-10
i have another idea for you. instead of doing all that cutting into the cab build a box in the back... more
Crawl through on standard cab S-10
I have a question on the same thing but i dont want the box idea... i was wanting to know or see... more
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