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Find custom Isuzu PUP, i280, Rodeo and more in Mini Truckin's Isuzu Features.
1992 Ford Ranger - The Recluse
Tweed and 17s—the stuff legends were made of, and what Speedy Baudion’s Ranger is all about.... more
1993 Chevy S-10 - Die Hard
Building A Truck Can Be An Adventure... more
Chevy Luv Junkyard Jewel, Part 8: Powertrain
With the cab and mounts dealt with, next on the list was fitting the donor engine and transmission,... more
California 'Zu - 1991 Isuzu Pickup
Buying a “completed” truck is never a sure bet, especially if you don’t know much about the quality... more

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Lowering the Isuzu!!
So i'm thinking of stock lowering my isuzu until I can afford bags. And for the front end people... more
Isuzu pu owners
Im looking for some fellow isuzu owners. I deed some ideas before i get started on my truck in a... more
In Need of some Isuzu parts!
I need a tail gate for a 86 isuzu spacecab mine has a wicked dent in it and itd just be cheaper to... more
86 Isuzu Spacecab seats
I still have the orignal seats in my 86 isuzu and there old and broken down and time for a new pair... more
1992 Isuzu Rodeo
Hey guys I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with I have a new project I'm working on... more
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