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1963 International Travelette - Heavyweight Champion
This truck is the ultimate tow pig. Although it was never intended to reach this level, Rob Vanluik... more
Upcoming Events Calendar - March 2012
Drag for Diabetes, Bring The Noize, Lone Star Throwdown, and much more... more
Upcoming Events Calendar - February 2012
C.H.O.C. Cruise, Autorama, Drag for Diabetes, Bring the Noize, and Lone Star Throwdown!... more
1994 Chevy S-10 - Project: Bada Bing
Jimmy's Rod & Customs Shows Us Insane Detail... more
Artist Profile - Clark North
Japanese Art With An American Twist... more

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1974 International *Canadian Truck*
Well this is my first lowRider, and ive looked around and as far as i can see this is a one of a... more
1974 International *Canadian Truck*
i fixed the pics for you. just gotta copy/paste the code or hit the little mountain icon and paste... more
Best Amps?
I found pq pioneer uses DSP's (digital signal processors) as one oof very good quality, capacity... more
Bagged 02 Extreme
8 valves will help keep it from having body roll in corners but you can still add a sway bar if you... more
hydro issues. truck leans
if the collar was the cause you would see fluid. check your dump for internal leak. its just one... more
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