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Holden Mini Trucks

Find Holden in Mini Truckin's Holden features.
Custom Holden Rodeo - Grounded Rodeo
This Holden Rodeo will make your jaw drop!... more
1996 Holden Rodeo - Fire Breather
This fast and low 1996 Holden Rodeo takes Australian mini truckin' to a new level.... more

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hey im greg i own a holden deluxe rodeo 1994 :) pics to come soon i was wondering if anyone knew a... more
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Hey fellas, Im rob from Australia. Got a bagged 94 holden rodeo. Check out... more
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hi my name is keagan i own a 99 holden rodeo i live in australia the previous owners really sent... more
isuzu owers where are you??
sup DAO2NV down in oz just sayin gday :D 04 izusu rodeo shhhh it was badged holden when i got it... more
Know any manufactures of 6 stud chrome wheels?
G'day. I've been building my 93 Holden Rodeo (Isuzu) Minitruck for some time now. And I'm finally... more
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