If you’re not from California, you might think the state is nothing but movie stars, glitz, and glamour. Or maybe that surfer chicks and palm trees line every single street. Well, there’s much more to Cali than all this.

The San Joaquin Valley takes up nearly the entire center of the state, and its rich soil is responsible for all types of agriculture as well as killer cars and trucks. The Danger Zone show started in 2005 as a venue for these vehicles to gather, and nine years later, it’s still got a stranglehold on the show scene there. Taking place at Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, the show sees a healthy turnout of trucks from pebble-height to towering stances and everything in between. The weather in this region in April is ideal for strolling through rows of rides, making for a perfect Saturday afternoon.

If this pretty picture sounds like something you’d like to experience, skip Hollyweird and travel a little further north instead.

The Lowdown
Danger Zone

Visalia, CA

March 31, 2013

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