The minitruckin' scene on the Hawaiian Islands is just as active as any lava-spewing volcano, and it's just as hot. The homegrown clubs and trucks that inhabit Oahu have a unique style all their own, but with the aloha lifestyle so rich within them, it would be impossible to expect anything different. It's an experience us mainlanders don't often get to soak up.

But Traffic Jam's not served just as a gathering spot for local minitruckers—imports, motorcycles, lowriders, and other customs in between were also invited to take part in the one-day celebration. For you non-morning people out there, here's where the beauty of this show really is—it goes from 12p.m.-9p.m.! With live music all day long, lots of entertainment happening on the indoor stage, an overflowing beer garden, and a stunning location to top it off, Traffic Jam has a lot going for itself for being a fresh event.

The Lowdown

Traffic Jam

Aloha Tower, Honolulu, HI

March 30, 2013

DH Customz, Scholars, JenerationPix, No Way Out Entertainment, Sexii Munkii Garage