Sideshow offers custom minitruck lovers a place to come together during the much larger Street Machine event. This event, started by the Street Wheeler Car Club way back in '76, is a three-day show that draws 1,100-plus vehicles and over 30,000 spectators! The main Street Machines event takes place on Sunday, but the Dropsicles Sideshow has taken over Saturday and has definitely filled a void left by diminishing minitruck shows in Canada's Northwest scene. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Big Brothers and Sisters Foundation.

The show promoters would like to thank their sponsors: Below Grade Designs, Candy Shop Customs, Crime Pays Video, Cambered Video, and Minitruckerstore. Also a big thanks to Mindliss Metalfab for making the trophies and BillyBob Customs for the airbrushed skate decks.

For info on the 2011 show, visit