1. Back 2 Basics

February 12 - Youngsville, LA
Located at the Top Shelf arena, this one-day back-to-basics event will sport food, games, and fun for all. For more info, email Speedy at

2. Midwest Bowling Nationals
February 19 - Joplin, MO

Presented by Guilty by Design, this is a must-hit event to support for the Midwest. With the whole facility rented out, including lanes and pool tables (and yes, there is a bar), it is sure to be good times. For more info, email

3. Forbidden Fantasy
March 11-12 - Lake Perris, CA

One of the biggest shows on the West Coast, this event is a must-attend with raffle prizes, live DJ from Mad House FX, and a bikini contest that never fails to impress. For more info, email Brian at

4. Kicker Bash 2011
March 26 - Stillwater, OK

The Kicker Bash is back again for year two at the Kicker headquarters. This car show is one to put on the list to attend. For more info, email

5. Danger Zone 2011
April 2 - Visalia, CA

Back again for 2011, this show has grown to be one of, if not, the largest one-day show on the West Coast. Come out and support this great day at Mooney Grove Park. For more info, go to

6. Lay'd Out at the Park 2011
April 8-10 - Morristown, TN

With all the great support for the show last year, it's back and bigger for 2011. Come out for this great Midwest three-day event. For more info, go to

7. Tex Mex 2011
April 14-17 - Somerville, TX

Don't miss the three-day event along with the 4th Annual Minitrucker Olympics with games like team chug, scooter races, and a BBQ cook-off. This show has it all! For more info, visit