West Coast Nationals is a big deal to us living on the left side of the country. Parker, Arizona, is a convenient in-between for those living in SoCal as well as the four other surrounding states.

Not only does the La Paz County Park offer enough room to accommodate a large car and truck show, it boasts on-site camping and is only a few steps away from the Colorado River, which kept all those in attendance more than content with their surroundings during the weekend of September 24-26, 2010.

Nightime cruising is another on-site facet West Coast Nats has to offer, and you'd better believe most showgoers took advantage of the action. With the 100-plus temps on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, everyone parked their rides on the grass and ducked right back under the shade or into the water.

After conducting a little detective work, we found out that the show's size was, in fact, a little lower than the previous year's. But let's be honest here, a slightly smaller scale WCN brings more trucks and more spectators than some shows at their peak.

For information on the 2011 edition of West Coast Nats, visit wcnevents.com.