After days of rain, Mother Nature finally had some mercy on everyone and let the sun break through the clouds just in time for the cars to roll into the show.

With the grass fields flooded, the show was limited to the size of the parking lot and every space was filled. Needless to say it was a tight squeeze, but as always everyone made the best of it. The AON staff made a very efficient transition to the new show location, and the event proceeded without a hitch. Arizona's central location for Bring the Noize draws many out-of-state rides and is one of the West Coast's shows that kicks off the new show year.

Show Lowdown
Name: Bring the Noize
Location: Victory Lanes Sport Park, Glendale, AZ
Dates: February 20-21, 2010
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 300+
Spectator Attendance: 1,500+

Events: Saturday night pre-show party, early participant roll-in, wet T-shirt contest, and complimentary shuttle to and from the hotel

Sponsors: Arizona Artworks, Lowboy Motorsports, AutoCore, Mouse's Custom Fab, Hydroholics, Metal Asylum, No Limitz Built, The Interior Shop, Demented Clothing, Elite Auto Customs, SES Car Audio, Drop 'em Wear? Clothing, Goodfellas Merch, Surface DVD, If It's Got Wheels, Auto Culture, Papa John's Pizza, Kinetik, Jenna Bear Show, Digital Sketch, Forbidden Fantasy Show, Swift Motorcycles

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