Each year we all head into the shop or garage and dust off our projects, fire up the welders, and get to work on our latest and greatest creations to show the world what we've been up to over the winter months.

OK, maybe it's not as dramatic as the East Coast, but our 40-degree SoCal winters are harsh enough to keep us from working on our rides and possibly hitting the slopes every now and then, ha ha.

Forbidden Fantasy is what we consider "opening day" for the minitruckin' world. We all get to come together early in the show season and see what the rest of the West Coast has been up to. The thing that really makes this show great is the fact that it's thrown by REAL minitruckers, for minitruckers! Forbidden Fantasy pulls off one of the best shows of the year with no major corporate sponsors and just the help of family and friends. And it's been going strong for the last 13 years! Every major player on the West Coast makes it a point to be at the Forbidden show, and with the amazing turnout of killer rides we all can see why. With visitors all the way from Japan, Forbidden Fantasy never disappoints. What other club has actually built up a full minitruck and raffled it off for their fellow minitruckers? 2010 marked one of the best Forbidden shows of all time, and we hope they continue to bring us one of the West's finest examples of a car show for both hardcore minitruckers and families alike.