Anaheim, California, is home to a lot of things: the most confusing baseball team name in history (the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), the Mecca of mouse ears and, of course, the Cost Airbrush Kustom Kulture Show.

To anyone just driving by it may only appear as a parking lot full of EZ-Ups and some brightly painted vehicles, but that is where the beauty of the show begins. Inside that parking lot are some of the top artists on the planet and that's not even an exaggeration. Each year sees its own pantheon of artists that bring their creations; framed work, T-shirts, sculptures, vehicles, nearly anything that can become a canvas. As Coast Airbrush is a major supplier to these artists, it really is one big happy family all wrapped around art and customs. For more information on next year's show, visit or call (714) 635-5557.

Show Lowdown
Name: 8th Annual Kustom Kulture Show
Location: Coast Airbrush, Anaheim, CA
Dates: Dec. 5th
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 250
Spectator Attendance: Thousands

Fast 411:
• Show is thrown every December for all of Coast's great customers and good friends
• Features tons of amazing artists from all over the US, including; Fonzy, Steve Driscel, Craig Fraser, Ryno, the Art Connection gang, Johnny Reze, and many more
• Live bands, art and airbrushing demos going on all day
• Tom McWeeney from Kustoms Inc. was stripin' on a few trucks and other stripers included: Doug Dorr, Herb Martinez, Tom Kelly, and Jeff Styles
• Coast would like to say thanks to everyone for all the support and look forward to another great show next year

Iwata, Sata, House of Kolor, Autoair Paints, tons of artists, and the Art Connection

Contact for Future Events: or (714) 635-5557