Just when we thought that the fabled West Coast river runs were a thing of the past, we were hit with a surprise that Bob Hase and the Sunset crew figured out a way to bring back West Coast Nationals!

Needless to say, we were elated and with the return of West Coast Nationals, and other truck runs on the rise like Tex Mex and Camp-N-Drag, we're seeing a return of the back-to-the-basics fun that made minitruckin' what it is today! Bob Hase is no stranger to throwing river run shows and has been doing so for the last twenty-five-plus years. So with Resolutions retiring he worked hard to bring us back a river run at the once famous, La Paz County Park. In fact, the second river run that I attended as a young up and coming minitrucker was West Coast Nationals 1998.

That's right, the old days are back! People came from states near and far to help support and see the return of West Coast Nationals so we could ensure that it would remain on the show schedule as an annual must-attend event. We knew we couldn't miss the fun, so we worked hard for a week straight to get Project Low Lux ready to see the show. After buttoning up the final details, and planning our caravan, we hit the road early Friday. With visitors from as far away as Japan, and states as far away as Georgia, you can see why this year's show took Show Of the Year! There was an amazing turn out of support, and the atmosphere of relaxing on the river with a few cold ones, your truck camped behind you, and all of your buds around you, there really is nothing better.

In true old-school fashion, we even made sure to list a few of the winners from the show. So be sure to drive, fly, hitchhike, or walk; whatever it takes to get to this show, you definitely don't want to miss it again! For more information and to keep tabs on the next event, be sure to bookmark wcnevents.com.