With cruise nights becoming the thing to do on a Saturday night, CNJ Events decided to team up with Fosters Freeze down in sunny San Diego.

Now, CNJ Events is a company you might not be able to place and that's because it's not really a company at all. It's a collection of three die-hard lifestyle minitruckers: Cheeks, Nick and Joe, and with the first letter of their names they created what is now called CNJ Events. This cruise-in car show actually started off as an idea just a few weeks before the event took place. Wanting to bring back the big San Diego scene of yesteryear, they set out to host a great cruise/show with a laid back atmosphere. With the support from sponsors and friends they were able to do just that. Bob Hase came through with Sunset in full force and they pulled the Club Participation trophy. Many other trophies were given out to some happy recipients came out for some fun, friends, and even a burger or two. So next time you hear of these three guys, the CNJ Events crew, and they are throwing a cruise-in car show you might want to get off your bum and go support them. Just remember its die-hard minitruckers like this group that help keep the scene going strong, and minitruckers like us keep coming back for more.

The Show Lowdown
Name: Fosters Freeze/CNJ Events Cruise Night
Location: 5129 Waring Road, San Diego, CA
Dates: June 6th
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 30
Spectator Attendance: More than 50

Fast 411:
Fosters Freeze hosted a great location with good food, and gas close by
Come out and support so they can throw the cruise monthly

Trophies and a raffle help give this cruise a real show feel

Fosters Freeze, Evans Tires, carshowdepot.com sponsored the trophies, Kragen, Trueline Automotive, and whatever Gary is calling himself these days

Contact For Future Events
Jason, aka Cheeks, at (619) 300-1917