Well as sad as it is to say this, those glory days have dwindled a bit. Yes, a harsh economy is affecting us all, but we are also partly to blame for the loss of shows. Show promoters and sponsors bust their butts all year to ensure that we have events to attend, and we need to ensure that we keep our events around by making every effort we can to attend the few shows we have left, and to help keep the show a fun and clean one that we can all be proud to attend. And that's exactly what the Forbidden Fantasy crew has done for the SoCal scene for more than a decade. Against all odds, they battle to keep one of the West Coast's largest shows around. And they have pulled it off time and time again.

This year brought out tons of amazing cover trucks past, present, and future, and also brought tons of clubs, friends, and families coming together and enjoy our favorite pastime. With clubs, vendors, and participants coming from as far as Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Canada, this show continues to draw a huge out-of-state crowd. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and there were bands and stunt competitions running around the clock for the whole family to enjoy. As the showgrounds emptied of spectators, we knew it was time for the Miss FFF battle on stage, so we sent in our trusty bikini contest photographer, Lil' B. Measuring a mere four feet tall, he is the perfect height for those "money" shots that you fellas like to see. After the bikini contest cleared out everyone made their way to the awards ceremony where Severed Ties reclaimed the Lowest Club victory, and Chassis By Aaron Iha took home their reigning Best Engineered trophy along with Best of Show and Best Paint awards. Everyone went home happy knowing that SoCal had yet again brought another killer show to the table. FFF ensures that the SoCal truck scene will be here for years to come! For more information check out MySpace.com/ffftruck.