Following on the heels of the State-2-State Cruise from our home offices in Anaheim, California (which also happens to have a Hooters in the same parking lot), to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, was the Havoc Havasu Show. As the 5-hour trek came to an end, the welcoming view of Lake Havasu proved to be a much-needed second wind for many of the participants.

The local residents weren't quite sure what to do with themselves as ground-scraping and sky-high trucks rolled off the main streets and down onto the fairways of the London Bridge Resort. The most common reaction was to stare wide-eyed, then point, and talk with their friends until the sounds of valves started popping and trucks began hitting the ground all around.

Even before the truck owners had finished wiping down the road grime from their vehicles, crowds began to gather around several trucks wondering what all this was about. Whether you were into 'bags and body-drops, double-digit-inch lifts, or fully custom water craft, the mix of trucks that lined Lake Havasu were bound to satisfy your cravings for custom trucks.

If live entertainment was what you were looking for, Mad House FX was on the stage to play the latest cuts all day long. To help out for Sunday's drive home, the crowd was treated to a stage full of beauties for the bikini contest. Of all the gorgeous girls on stage, Hannah Caidan took home Frst Prize and $1,000, while Erik Harbor's '02 Dodge Ram was selected as Best of Show and People's Choice and also received $1,000 for his effort.

There is no doubt that Havasu has proven to be one of the greatest spots to throw a show at. With the combination of trucks, the water, and all-night partying in true spring-break style, it's hard to go wrong. To be a part of next year's show, contact Eddy Cebreco by e-mailing him at