Justin Cross - MT Contributing Editor
Scrapin' the Coast
Biloxi, MS

Hands down, these guys get my vote again. The show just exploded this year. I mean, with more than 2,000 entries and some of the greatest nightlife around, this show has been growing faster than my bald spot. Hey, they don't call me Q for nothing. I've been going to STC since 2003, and it gets my vote each year, without fail. Greg and the guys put on one hell of a weekend-not just a show, but a weekend. I honestly hope to see this show last for many, many years to come.

Max Fish - MT Technical Editor
Resolutions, Hosted By Sunset
Blythe, CA

I love Reso! There, I said it. Ever since the mid- '90s river runs stopped, there has been only two must-attend shows on my yearly agenda: the Forbidden Fantasy show and Resolutions. Being partial to the after-hours madness that is synonymous with truck runs, I had to choose Reso. It's going to be tough having to say good-bye (again) to what I feel is the last of the old-skool truck runs. I hope next year I will be able to go to a few more shows and maybe I will find a new favorite. But for now, I will have to mourn the soon-to-be-lost of the last of the greats.

Josh Fleetwood - MT Contributing Editor
Scrapin' the Coast
Biloxi, MS

This event was easily the most fun I had at a show all year. The first thing that I tell everyone about the show is the cruising that goes on, with the beach being a great back drop of the main strip that everyone cruises up and down all night. But, cruising is not all that goes on during the weekend. The show also brings in all of the South's wildest minitrucks and the crazy people who drive them. I think that once Biloxi gets built back up from the aftermath of the hurricane, the show will grow into one of the best shows around. The great people who put this show on make sure no one leaves without having a good time and some great memories.

Phil Fowler - MT Contributing Editor
Scr8pfest Hosted by Pebble Pushers
Kannapolis, NC

Every year when these questions come up, it's so hard to pick the best of the best. So, what do you base it off of? The show, the location, the rides, or the people? Well, if I had to choose, it would be Scr8pfest, because the Pebble Pushers crew does one hell of a job running it, they have a ton of quality rides year after year, and the location is awesome. Last year was my first year there, and I gotta say, I won't miss another one.

Joe Greeves - MT Contributing Editor
Scrapin' the Coast
Biloxi, MS

To me, Scrapin' the Coast is the year's biggest success story. After weathering one of the nation's most destructive hurricanes, Gulf Coast residents rebounded from the devastation and rebuilt their communities. The show promoters of Scrapin' the Coast rebuilt their event as well, attracting an amazing 2,000 vehicles and more than 11,000 spectators to the Biloxi, Mississippi, Coliseum. Nonstop action, more than 120 classes, burnouts, hydraulics, bikinis, and all the late-night action at the Gulfport Dragway proved that this show had the winning combination and was back to stay.

John Jackson - MT Contributing Editor
Scrapin' the Coast
Biloxi, MS

This was a tough one; this year had several really good shows that I was lucky enough to attend. This year, it came down to two shows, one being the Unite show in Florida. As the first year for the show, I know to expect big things from it next year and am sure it will be near the top of my list for 2008. My second choice actually gets my vote for Show of the Year, and that is Scrapin' the Coast. With 2,200 rides in their second year after the big hurricane, Greg and his crew threw one hell of a great show. Everything went in their favor this year, as even Mother Nature helped out with the heat, since it wasn't as bad as it had been in the past. I would definitely mark both of these shows on your calendar for 2008.

Jennie Hendrex - MT Contributing Editor
Midnight Fantasies Lake Front Tour
Lake Charles, LA

This was a very tough choice for me. I hit more shows than most, having been gone literally 46 of the 52 weeks last year. To narrow this field down to one show was more difficult than most would think. I managed to make many new friends in 2007 and found new respect for a lot of shows. But, at the end of the day, I had to pick just one. My pick this year is Midnight Fantasies Lake Front Tour. This event is held each year in Lake Charles, Louisiana. And its ring leader is also an old-skooler, a long-time member of the local club The Banshee Bois.

Roger Miller is one of the greatest guys out there and has suffered a lot of hardships to keep this show alive for 16 years. With a hurricane season in 2006 that had left their location filled with Katrina evacuees, and even with a new venue at the last minute, this show produced the quality and fun that it always does. If you want a great show, great food, and casinos all around, this is your show. It has been a must-do on my list of shows for more than six years. No matter where I live, that will never change.