Severed Ties isn't just known for building badass rides, they also know a thing or two about throwing great shows. This has to be one of the most entertaining shows out there. Nowhere else can you dunk a girl in a water tank, then watch her wrestle in some pudding. We call that great family entertainment the Severed Ties way.

The Show Lowdown
Name: Severed Ties in the Southwest 9th Annual Show-and-Shine
Location: Castles and Coasters, Phoenix, Arizona
Date: March 25
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 300
Spectator Attendance: A lot

Fast 411:
- 9th Annual Show and Shine, hosted by Severed Ties in the Phoenix area.
- One of the only shows on the West Coast to have a dragging competition.

- A beautiful lady dunk tank
- Two live bands
- Roller-derby girl pudding wrestling
- Dragging competition

Sponsors: Grant Kustoms, Air-Zenith, Owens Custom Paint, Slam Specialties, Interior Shop, Level 10 Audio and Performance, and Coast to Coast Trophies

Vendors: Coast to Coast Trophies, The Interior Shop, Devious Customs, Lowlife Video, Domination the Video, Surface DVD, Grunion Fabrication, Kreepin' Kustumz, Grinder magazine, and Outlaw Motorsports

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