The official start of this year's show season for us was the Art of Noize show in sunny Glendale, Arizona. I was very excited to go and see friends and hang out in the gorgeous Arizona weather. I jumped into my '66, picked up some friends, and then headed off into the California desert for what would be a hell of an adventurous weekend. As could be expected, everything was in order, roll-in was smooth, and the cars came out to shine. Check out the show coverage and keep an eye out for more from Art of Noize at

Show Lowdown

Name: Bring the Noize
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Date: February 25
Total vehicles in attendance: 250
Spectator attendance: 1,000+

Fast 411:
-It was the third annual show.The show took place at Victory Lanes Sports Complex.
-An on-site bar and restaurant were added to the already gorgeous 80-degree weather and atmosphere.
-A parking-lot pimping trophy was awarded to the coolest car that didn't make it in.
-The park has enough room to triple the attendance for next year.

Sponsors: American Built Customs, the Interior Shop, Avondale Toyota/Scion, Larry Miller Toyota/Scion, Kreepin Kustoms, Street Beat Customs, and Digital Sketch.

Vendors: Lowlife Video, Domination the Video, American Built Customs, The Interior Shop, Avondale Toyota/Scion, Larry Miller Toyota/Scion, Kreepin Customs, Street Beat Customs, Digital Sketch, and Primedia.

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