Another Reso, another wonderful end to an exciting year in the minitruck world. Reso has been called the home of the hardcore, and this year was no exception. Temperatures dropped into the 20's this year, with the wind whistling by the hundreds of tents. It wasn't anything that a few beers and a camp fire couldn't cure. This year's Reso was as big as expected, but had a very family-oriented atmosphere. It reminded us of year's gone by. You could walk around and hear stories of the days gone by, the trucks that were and the trucks that will be. We look forward to next year, as well as the year after that. Thanks again, Resolutions, for another memory.

Show Lowdown
Name: Resolutions 2007

Location: Colorado River Fairgrounds, Blythe California

Dates: Dec. 29-31, 2006

Total Vehicles in Attendance: Almost 1,400

Spectator Attendance: 725

Fast 411: -Resolutions 2007 was the 31st annual hosted by Sunset Nationwide
- Resolutions is a traditional 3 day truck run hosted by a minitruck club. First day roll-in, second day show, and third day trophies; for some it was even four days.
- Westside Truckers hosted the first eight Resolutions.
- This year's event was not only a national event, but a worldwide event with people traveling, such as Takuji Murayama, from No Regrets, who traveled from as far as Japan.

Events: D.J. and M.C. skills by Mad House FX, Show and Shine, and more drinking than your uncle Bob-the one with the crazy liver that just won't stop-could handle.

Sponsors: Incubus Alloys, Rockford Fosgate, West Coast Auto Sound, Grant Kustoms, Line-X,, Ludikrs Kustoms, Lowlife Video, Infinite Designs, and Mad House FX.

Contact for Future Events:
For more information, call Bob Hase at (909) 509-0785, or,

Next Year's show will be held Dec. 28-30, 2007.