After a couple year hiatus the Phoenix, Arizona, crew of Severed Ties decided to get off their lazy butts and give the hardcore mini-truckers in Arizona another solid show to attend and another weekend to kill ...the weekend of March 24, 2006. The venue was as it was in years before, right across from Castles and Coasters, and now the show would be known as Severed in the Southwest.

If anyone knows the ST guys in Arizona, they know that their event doesn't just consist of the day of the show but also of the previous nights leading up to it. Fuel Motorsports Bar and Grille hosted the bash on one night and the AZ prez, Kurt Forqueran (owner of Auto Core), hosted the second night of fun and frivolity.

Early Sunday morning the festivities got off to a fast start. The rides were cleaned and the tone was set. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. As the day progressed, there were a few common events as well as a couple of surprise attractions. As usual, a drag-off was set to the tune of hundreds of people giving the narrowest of gaps to shower with sparks. The one event that had heads shaking was definitely the chocolate pudding wrestling/bikini/wet clothing contest. Hey, there's not exactly anything we can label it as that is simple.

The Severed Arizona guys are more than abnormal and that was branded on them once again, as they had an "I Can't Believe You Brought That" award. We thank them for bringing back yet another good event for the West Coast mini-truck community, as shows seem to be dropping like flies as of late. The Severed crew would like to thank everyone who participated in the event, as well as Auto Core, Big Time Threads, and all of the sponsors. For more information on future events, check out