Dangerous Toys' Danger Zone '06, held at Mooney's Grove Park in Visalia, California, was off the hook this year. There was plenty of shade for all, with a park that had trees from end to end. If the show got a little claustrophobic for you, then you could take a walk around the park through the many ponds and bridges and just hang out.

Danger Zone managed to bring out all of the big hitters from the Central Valley area. What was once a small area for the custom truck scene has absolutely exploded into a powerhouse of epic proportion. Central California has managed to overtake Southern California in the custom truck world as the dominant force in the West. It seems as though there are some huge Chevrolet dealerships in the area, as the Bow Ties were represented to the fullest.

All of the familiar elements of a great show were present, with a hop-off contest, hot ladies, shiny trophies, and a great environment. There were bands and a DJ going all day to keep your ears from resting. Did we mention the abundance of hot Chevys and hot ladies? We're sure there's a lot more to come from this diamond in the rough. Central California has definitely come out of their shell and are letting the world know that they mean business.

Dangerous Toys would like to thank all of those who participated in this year's event and would also like to thank all of their vendors, the DJ, and all of the band, for without their support Danger Zone wouldn't be possible. For information on next year's show, check out www.dangerous-toys.org.