Forbidden Fantasy's Show and Shine at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds is flat out the best one-day show on the West Coast. There are no runner-ups and there's nobody on their coattails trying to scoop up the second-place trophy. For the ninth year in a row, Forbidden did what they do best: hold it down for the West Coast.

This year the Sunday of March 12th was plagued by off-and-on showers and a mean haze. Did this stop anyone? Apparently not, grabbing 694 vehicles in show along with a slew of the most famous custom shops in the country. The entire park was wired for sound this year, so announcements and music could be heard by all.

The crew at IF Custom, to no one's surprise, chopped Oliver from Domination's Tacoma right at the show. Maybe someone should tell them that we already think they're cool. The near-freezing weather of 50 or so degrees (this is freezing for us SoCal-ians) wasn't even enough to slow the roll of the four outgoing bikini contestants. Varicose veins and raisin smuggling were the trades of the bikini-clad beauties. It seemed to be a team effort as they were dancing, oh so close, in pairs. Roulette and Madhouse FX spinned their spicy mix of off-the-wall tunes and kept the crowd entertained.

Forbidden would like to thank all of their vendors and show participants. For those attending next year's show, they will be raffling off a full custom truck for their 10th-year celebration. The truck will be a fully laid-out '87 Toyota X-cab longbed done to exacting show standards. Next year's show will be on the weekend of March the 11th and is expected to be bigger than ever. Trust us, you don't want to miss it. For more information on next year's show, check out