The Truckin' & Sport Truck Nationals State 2 State Cruise and Show grows consistently bigger and better with each passing year. We look forward to seeing you there next time. For more information, contact: Amber Pierce, (714) 939-2580, Special thanks go out to all the sponsors for the cruise and the show: advanced FLOW engineering, AIM Industries, Alfa Otto, ATS, Chevy Trucks, Dealer's Sport Truck, Euro Entertainment, Freemont Street Experience, Gibson Exhaust, JC Whitney, KAIK Products, Lady Luck, MagnaCharger, Makatoauto Trends, Pro Car Parts, Rhino Linings, Rolling Big Power, Smeding Performance, Street Scene, Stylin' Concepts, Tijuana Dogs, Tucker's Classic Truck Parts, Van Demon Designs, Volant, Vortec Engines, and Vortex Bed Liners.

State 2 State Cruise
As is customary for the Truckin' & Sport Truck Nationals, the event was kicked off with a state-to-state cruise the Friday before the show. Hundreds gathered to take the five-stop tour from Southern California to Las Vegas and collect on the many prizes being handed out and raffled away, including the Poker Run, where the best five-card hand from the poker cards collected at each stop would win an airbag gift certificate from AIM Industries.