The members of Severed Ties truck club gathered in the early hours on Sunday, October 28 at Ontario Motor Speedway to put the finishing touches on its show and prepare for the onslaught of customs that would soon pour through the Speedway's gates. Southern California's largest one-day show was about to begin its third act.

When the gates opened to the entrants, the Severed team was surprised by the number of people waiting patiently to park, polish, and prepare their custom rides for show inspection. More than 500 ultra-clean customs, and as many as 11,000 spectators came pouring into the Speedway to see the day's incredible display of rides. No matter how many customs showed, the Severed Ties crew managed to get them all in and parked in a timely manner. With a show this well known and anticipated, the entrants were patient with the slow start as they prepared for competition.

Severed Ties' pre-show preparations included having the vendors set up their displays on Saturday, the day before the show officially began, making roll-in very smooth, and allowing showgoers into the gates almost as soon as the last custom was set in place. It seemed as though Severed had more than enough to keep its hands busy; a good thing for us since we needed to take several hundred photos of the hottest trucks Southern California has to offer, and slobber over all the hot Cali' chicks serving as eye-candy for Severed's kickass bikini contest. Speaking of Severed's bikini contest, we've been to hundreds of them, and this one was by far the most energetic, sexy display of female attributes we've ever seen. The images detailing the contest should give you a good idea of what we saw.

Throughout the day, attendees were treated to live entertainment on the show's main stage. Bands such as Grounded, Shatter, Lifted, New Tomorrow, Velvet Dawn, BEID, Breakdance Vietnam, and Forty-Three provided the show's soundtrack, throwing down hard and playing as though it was their final performance. In addition to the music, professional sport bike stunts kept the crowds at the far end of the venue entertained, especially when a biker would blow it and go tumbling.

As the day progressed, the level of excitement grew. As the show's participants began to walk around the show and check out the competition, more and more of them began to get edgy. You see, Octoberfest has become very important to the SoCal show scene in the few years that it's been in existence. Whoever wins Octoberfest also takes home a pretty large set of bragging rights. This is because the judging is done by custom truckers. You can be guaranteed a fair shake at this show because the promoters are just as into the scene as you and I.

By the time the show was nearing its close, the level of anticipation was at an all-time high for the day. Rows and rows of trophies were lined up on the center stage, ready to be handed out to those entrants who had the most killer rides in their respective classes. After the awards, Severed said its thanks to all who attended, invited everyone back for Octoberfest 2004, and kicked all our butts out of the Speedway.

From Severed Ties:
Octoberfest 2003 was hosted by Severed Ties truck club, along with the support of Brand One Clothing, CGS Motorsports, Infinite Designs, Master Image Customs, and S&M Productions. Additional sponsors of the event included Advanced Specialties, Al & Ed's Auto Sound, AS Kustoms, Audio Extreme, Auto Accessory Warehouse, Auto Core, BD Motorsports, Black Magic Hydraulics, Billet Superstore, Bio Kustumz, Big Time Threads, Bulletproof Suspension, CVN Motorsports, Custom Creations, Custom Dynamics, Devious Customs, EAI, Ekstensiv Metal Works, FED Customs, Fender Bender Int'l, Frosted Jugs, Gibson Exhaust, Grant Kustoms, The Hack Shack, Hook-ups Import Tek, House of Tints, IF Custom, KMC Wheels, KRZ Customs, MA Audio, Mac's Spring Shop, Moreno Customs, Senseless Customs, SIK Customs, Solow Customs, Suspension Dimension, and Twisted Designs. For more information, visit