Day 3 - Saturday March 12th 2011
The Return Trip

The third day of the annual trip has turned into a fast trip. While the rest of the group takes the highway home those crazy enough, fast enough and mechanically sound enough make the return trip on the Mojave Road, as quickly as possible. This year's return group was myself (White Ranger), Jon (Silver Ranger), Kevin (Silver TJ) and Justin (Blue LJ), the same four that finished the entire trip the day before.

After a quick jaunt to the Arizona side of the Colorado River for cheap(er) fuel and food it was back off to the trail! Justin had to bail out at Baker, a little over half way back to get home, and Kevin Jon and I finished the return trip in just over 7 hours. Our record stands a 5 hours, we'll beat it someday. The only issue we had on the return trip was Kevin getting stuck, again, in the same spot as two days before. We laughed.

And with that the March 2011 Mini Truckin' Mojave Road Trip was done. We all can't wait until next year and hope maybe some of you can join us. We have to thank everybody who came on this trip for making it a great one and for making it possible. We couldn't do it with out. See you all next year!

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