As we were stopped at the Piute Gorge the trail claimed its second mechanical victim. Jake's Toyota Tacoma was making a horrible noise which turned out to be its cooling fan hitting the shroud thanks to a broken engine mount. He had no choice but to continue on. From here trail heads down a steep rocky section of the trail that will rattle your teeth and every bolt on your vehicle loose. As we reached the bottom and waited for the limping Tacoma a small group of us ventured over to the remains of Fort Piute, one of the original Army forts along the Mojave Road set up to protect mail riders on their journey.

After leaving the fort and returning to the group we found that the crippled Tacoma had caught up with the group, with a new issue, a bent knuckle. A quick and dirty alignment by Kevin, Anthony,and Craig got the truck in good enough shape to make it to highway 95 and into Laughlin on the pavement.

It was at highway 95 that we lost Anthony (Red TJ) as he headed home for Las Vegas, Adam (Tahoe) and George (White WJ) had enough of the trail and escorted Jake and the limping Tacoma into town leaving only myself (White Ranger), Jon (Silver Ranger), Kevin (Silver TJ), and Justin (Blue LJ) to finish the rest of the trail.

We all arrived at our night two camping spot, the River Palms Hotel, well before dark and in plenty of time for our victory dinner!

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