Mother Nature had a bone to pick with minitruckers in mid March this year, but minitruckers fought back. This year's Tex Mex was promising to set records in Texas (and maybe worldwide) as one of the biggest minitruck events ever held.

Thursday evening felt like a Saturday night at any old-school West Coast river run. The attendees were behaved and were filling their cups with drinks and enjoying the night. Friday was no different as the show grounds continued to fill, but Saturday, the day that was to be filled with a ton of activities, brought a twist of fate. The clouds opened up with a burst of water and soaked the entire park, leaving mud everywhere. Trucks were stuck, but the spirit of the faithful minitruckers was still high.

Even if it rained every single year (which it hasn't, as this is the first year of rain for the Tex Mex event), the MT staff promises to return to Texas and have a great time again and again. We hope this show will be around for years to come.