We put together a likely group of West Coast misfits including myself, Makoto from Japan, Max Fish, Johnny O, Ernie Macias, and others and jumped in a few trucks to make the trip to Texas for this can’t-miss show. And in the words of Max, “I’ve never driven so far for such a short amount of fun, but let me tell you, it was worth it!” When we got there, the No Regrets Texas chapter had taken care of the sleeping arrangements, so all we had to do was unload our luggage and get to relaxing.

Now I’ll tell you what, this show was absolutely the closest thing to the river runs of yester-year, of which we had previously thought to be extinct. The only real difference was that the show part of the show was not very show-like. There was no area where the vehicles that were competing would congregate, so in order to see what neat-o stuff was out there you had to cruise around and look for it. We wandered for hours and thought we saw pretty much everything only to find the next day that we had missed something tucked away at a far-off camp site.

With such an amazing turnout, the show numbers rivaled the Texas giant and left no stone unturned with the most extensive club games around. Also known as the Mini Trucker Olympics, each five-person team gets to battle it out in all sorts of games, including beer chugs, and many beer-related activites to see who takes home the crown. This year our Japanese buddy Makoto even took part in the fun. All in all it was one of the best shows we have ever attended and we sure hope that the Texas Severed Ties crew decides to put it on for years to come! For more information, be sure to check out Texmexshow.com.

The Show Lowdown
Name: Tex Mex 2009 4th Annual Show
Location: Somerville, Texas
Dates: March 19-22
Total Vehicles in Attendance: 2,300
Spectator Attendance: 7,250

Fast 411
-Four day river run Texas style on Lake Somerville hosted by Severed Ties

• The famous Mini Trucker Olympics
• BBQ cook off
• All weekend crusin’

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Contact For Future Events
Check out Texmexshow.com for next year’s updates or email mitchrallst@yahoo.com.