For those who have been fortunate enough to attend West Coast runs, the past few years have been a very trying time. River runs are basically a thing of the past, even though they were always wildly popular. The Severed Ties Texas chapter decided enough was enough, and since they were already two years into their own show, Tex Mex, what better way to accomplish their dream than a change of venue? That's exactly what Severed Ties did. Tex Mex '08 proved that runs are not only still very popular, but can still work without all of the problems that surfaced in the past.

Bringing together chapters from all over the country, Severed Ties moved their already popular show to the Lake Somerville Marina in Somerville, Texas. This enormous camping facility was the perfect place to host a truck run. There was an abundance of RV connections and more than enough room for those who wished to bring tents and camp out. If camping wasn't your thing, there were a few hotels located not too far from the show grounds. Not only were the grounds spacious and inviting, the water was perfect for anyone who wanted to go in for a dip. If you brought your boat or jet ski, there was even a boat ramp located within the grounds of the show. What more could you need?

With more than 1,000 vehicles registered in the show, the whole Severed Ties crew made sure that everything went as smooth as possible. From the time you entered the park until the time you were judged, Severed Ties kept everything under control and managed to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. And if looking at thousands of the hottest trucks wasn't enough, then maybe the Inaugural Mini Trucker Olympic Games would do it for you.

The Mini Trucker Olympics was a true test for clubs from around the nation, as teams of five tested their bodies and minds in such contests as team beer-chugging and a beer-chugging tricycle race. There was even an all-girl team in the 12-team competition. Mitch Rall and Darryl Tracy acted as co-referees for the Mini Trucker Olympic Games, keeping track of times and winners as the teams either fell out of competition or basically were just too drunk to continue.

After giving away the Top 75 Awards and Specialty Awards, everyone said their goodbyes, loaded up, and headed home. Severed Ties has once again proven why they are one of the top clubs in the world by bringing back a show the way that it was meant to be. For the old-skool as well as the new, Tex Mex '08 was an event that will be hailed as one of the top shows of 2008.

Make sure to mark your calendar for next year's event. You won't be disappointed.