Exactly how many minitruckers can you fit into the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas? Apparently a lot more than it's designed to hold. The 5th Annual Meltdown, which was thrown by PEvents and Vertically Challenged, pulled out all the stops and packed the park chock-full. We've been hitting this show for years, watching it gradually fill out the respectful shoes we always knew it deserved. This year, it was kickin'.

Thanks, guys! We had a great time. Fellow minitruckers: Add this show to your schedule for next year, as well as all the great events these guys put on each year. For information about this, or any of their other shows, contact Johnny Perales at (512) 947-3999, or visit www.killershow.com.

The Lowdown
Name: The 5th Annual Meltdown
Location: The Texas Ski Ranch, New Braunfels, Texas
Dates: May 19-20
Total vehicles in attendance: More than 250
Spectator attendance: 1,000+

Fast 411:
* PEvents and the Vertically Challenged family put on several shows each year supporting the Texas show scene
* You can wakeboard as well skateboard at this venue
* New Braunfels is about 20 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas

* A tattoo show-off
* Fear Factor club games were a favorite
* Live bands performed all weekend long

Hosted by:
PEvents, Johnny Perales, and Vertically Challenged

KIK, Crime Pays Video, Black Magic, Kustom Werx, and Dirty Leg Inc.

Contact for future events:
Johnny Perales at (512) 947-3999, or visit www.killershow.com