The Show Lowdown

Name: TexMex
Location: The Showboat Drive InTheater, Hockley, TX
Date: February 24
Total vehicles in attendance: 350+
Spectator attendance: 3,500

Fast 411:
- It was the second-annual show
- All proceeds for the show were donated to charity, just like the first year
- Top 40, with 10 Best Of awards
-Both Domination and Crime Payswere on location filming.

Sponsors:Texas House of Dubs, Texas Showdown, Kustom Ink Klothing, Kustom Werx, and Z's Auto & Muffler Shop #3.

Hosted: Severed Ties

Vendors: Crime Pays Video, Kustom Ink Klothing, Domination the Video, Low Gear, Outlaw Motorsports, and Texas House of Dubs.

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